Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Link Round-Up: September 30, 2014

Antonio Caparo

Cheap Art features local classifieds dedicated to buying and selling artwork priced under $1,000. The idea is based off the Bread and Puppet Cheap Art Manifesto. The folks behind Cheap Art believe art should be available to everyone, not just the privileged. The ‘Cheap’ in ‘Cheap Art’ is not meant to degrade the value of art but rather celebrate the everyday consumption of it. They believe walls don’t need to be decorated with mass-produced prints from Ikea, but rather original works created by our neighbors.

Infographic: The Hidden Patterns Created by Animals in Flight

A statistician is predicting the lifespans of Game of Throne Characters! And things are looking pretty good for Tyrion so far. The rest of them...well, just don’t get too attached.

Thoughts on Design – Paul Rand’s iconic design manifesto is back in print.

UPS now offers customers the ability to 3D print things in their stores.

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