Thursday, September 18, 2014

Short Film: Devil’s Damned To Try

"Devil’s Damned To Try" written and directed by Marshall Burnette

"Devil’s Damned To Try" is a dark puzzle of a film.  It tells the story of an Appalachian man’s struggle to overcome the consequences of his own reckless decisions.  It's rather skillfully told in two intertwining storylines that force viewers to piece together the plot slowly until the final revelation.

In one of the two storylines, the protagonist slogs through his days as a saw mill worker in a small Tennessee town. His nights are consumed by alcohol and regret, as he grapples with the memory of something we have yet to witness. In the second story, the protagonist stalks through the thick winter forest as he hunts for wild deer.  He is troubled by a dramatic   situation at home. As he hunts, he begins to reveal his true nature. 

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