Friday, September 26, 2014

Fan Art Round-Up: Destiny

Destiny Fan Art

Bungie released their latest epic video game, Destiny, earlier this month, and the release was met with record sales, even as critics squabble over what genre the game falls into.  Millions of players around the globe are playing, and many of them are expressing their love for the game through art.  Check out this collection of fan created artwork, and make sure you follow the individual links to browse the artists’ galleries.

"My submission to Bungie for their Destiny Earth Day art challenge."

"This was created for a small gathering of folks during PAX Prime 2014 (HBO/DBO)."

"A Guardian sees an small cargo ship, long since abandoned.
(Based off Bungie's Destiny IP, but this is oddly close to looking like Halo...)"

"Here's some more "Destiny" fan art that I made. This was also done on Corel Painter 11 with a little touching up on gimp afterwards. I'm quite proud of how it turned out and beginning to feel like I'm really getting the hang of using my tablet and Corel as an artistic medium."

"This is my Character Design for Destiny. He is a veteran Titan, forged from the strength and sacrifice of his fallen brothers. ("m going to upload the color version later today.)

I based my characters armor off of Greek Spartan armor, and studied Destiny character concept art to help me out with the overall character build. I also made clean turn around poses for this character and will be posting that in the image description later (hopefully modeling the character later this year). Enjoy!

Took about 5 hours in Photoshop to paint."

"Been playing the Destiny Beta over the weekend, and just wow, had to do some fan-art.

The game is awesome, really fun to play, engrossing, funny, like the amalgamation of ten years worth of computer games that had great ideas but never quite got there. And all that from a Beta version!"

"Some more Destiny inspired art. Looking forward to seeing more about the game!"

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