Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Link Round-Up: November 11, 2015

Influx by Dmitry Vishnevsky

Cover art for the Daniel Suarez novel Influx

ArtSnacks is a curated box of unique, high-quality art supplies delivered to your door every month. All items are hand-selected after rigorous testing from real art professionals.

The fascinating SUR-FAKE series by Antoine Geiger shows faces sucked by smartphones and screens.

Fonts In Use is a public archive of typography indexed by typeface, format, and industry. Learn how you can contribute to the archive. 

How Richard Scarry updated his children’s book to be more progressive and inclusive: photos comparing and contrasting two editions of Richard Scarry's Best Word Book Ever and documenting shifts between 1963 and 1991.

How To Be The Perfect Boyfriend For An Artistic Girl

In this most recent DesignMatters episode Debbie Millman speaks with Michael Bierut, one of the most impressive and eloquent NYC based graphic designers.

LEGO Ideas has launched a new campaign to have folks vote on a brand new LEGO set, and the Ada Lovelace & Charles Babbage set is totally something you can vote on. Go check out the campaign, and help this set get made!

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