Monday, November 9, 2015

Lego Creation: Fallout 4 Garage

entire set

Via: Kotaku

Inspired by the rusty garage from the Fallout 4 trailer, Pierre created this enormous LEGO diorama.  It measures five fee across and stands nearly two feet high.  In the photos below, you can check out the power armor, minigun, and Nuka-Cola bottles that adorn the set.  (I'm especially fond of the tiny radio.)

the machine tool on the workbench

spying through the window

the handheld flamethrower

Nuka cola and the radio

Vault Boy CubeDude

Minifig hidden under the bed

i'm not fear the dog

the poster

broken robot is good for spare parts ;)




perk chart poster


The power armor


Lego Pip Boy Edition

The gatling

Fallout 4 diorama - Entire view

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