Monday, November 9, 2015

Gaming Round-Up: November 9, 2015

"Tyrande Whisperwind" by David Zhou

News: Kill Screen, an early pioneer of crowd-funded game publications, has launched a new Kickstarter to bring back their print magazine.  The news inspired a lot of grumbling among game writers about the site’s poor pay rate and inspired a crowd-sourced spreadsheet of games writing outlets and their respective rates.  No big surprise, it turns out to be quite the sad state of affairs.  Stu Horvath responsed to the story by denouncing the horrors of our current consolidated media landscape.

News: New rumors have surfaced stating that Konami is discussing a new Metal Gear Solid game. The report comes from Japanese publication Nikkei via 2ch, which is usually pretty credible.

Adrian Courreges offers an in-depth technical break-down of the graphics of Grand Theft Auto V.

David Craddock interviews a ROM hacker named about the fine art of Hacking NES Games.  As someone who spent uncountable hours playing classic cartridge games on his PC in college, I personally found the piece fascinating.

Gamasutra’s Alex Wawro takes a look at the development of the Fallout series.

At Gamasutra, Katherine Cross explains that interactive fictions are games, too.

Leigh Alexander continues to entertain with fresh new view points in an article explaining Why Bob Ross is the perfect gamer hero.

Kate Cox of Your Critic is in Another Castle examines host music in Dragon Age: Inquisition is used to emphasize the game's key story points.  Speaking of soundtracks, you can buy Fallout 4’s Official Soundtrack on iTunes now.

Keith Stuart and Jordan Erica Webber round up the best moments of GameCity for the Guardian.

Jane McGonigal wrote an article on Slate about How Video Games Can Teach Your Brain to Fight Depression.  I'm going to straight up say that I don't fully trust the psychology behind this one, but it feels really good to see games tied to positive social effects.

This weekend, CBS took a look at how video games are saving symphony orchestras for Millennials in much the same way Hollywood soundtracks saved orchestras for Baby boomers. 

Vice's Brock Wilbur Played All the James Bond Games to See Which Was the Least Terrible.  Brave man, but I'm pretty sure that's a violation of the Geneva Convention, even if you are doing it to yourself.  For my money, there's no question.  It's Golden Eye by a long mile.

Warren Spector spoke at PAX Australia about the making of Deus Ex.

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