Monday, November 16, 2015

Gaming Round-Up: November 16, 2015

Chief vs Knight by John-Liberto

"Chief vs Knight" by John-Liberto

News: Fallout 4 Has An Infinite Caps Glitch, and its already been found.

News: Female Link, "Linkle" Confirmed for Hyrule Warriors Legends.  At the Nintendo Direct yesterday, the company announced that its female experiment would continue, revealing an "original character" named Linkle for the 3DS version of Hyrule Warriors Legends... because Nintendo still won't make Link a girl, but they'll put him in a dress.  Well, I call bullshit.  Where the hell is the Zelda game we've been waiting thirty years for?

News: Physical version of Life is Strange will become available in January.  It will include Director's Commentary on why you have so many feels after playing.

Arstechnica compares and contrasts gaming performance between SteamOS running on Steam Boxes and Windows 10 systems. The comparison isn't flattering.

Californium is a game inspired by the works of Philip K. Dick.

Eurogamer's Christian Donlan played Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 backwards, which is possible now that every chapter is unlocked from the start.

FemHype, Josephine Maria looks at witches in Skyrim and Dragon Age, exploring the way the games interweave traditional folklore into their narratives without bowing to stereotypes.

Gamasutra's Chris Baker examines the impact of the U.S. Copyright Office’s new ruling on copyright restrictions on the gaming industry.  The long and short of it is that the only people worried about the legal ramifications of the ruling are the very people who shouldn't have to worry, namely museums and libraries.

In "Game-Breaking for Friends and Family," Radical Helmet reminds us that the mere act of playing a game can be challenging to the non-initiated.

James Murff praises Black Ops 3’s departure from binary plot constraints.

Kill Screen’s Reid McCarter explains the role of Dogmeat in Fallout 4 as being to "keep the player grounded amongst the immensity of Fallout 4’s environments."

Microsoft parodies Sony’s game share video.

Now you can meet up for Dungeons & Dragons in virtual reality.

At PC Gamer, Chris Livingston tries playing Fallout 4 with only charisma and luck, meanwhile, James Davenport does the important work of pitting Fallout 4’s Dogmeat and MGSV’s D-Dog against one another.

Phil Hartup exorts the game industry to Stop insulting our intelligence by pretending there's a good reason for naked women in videogames, citing Cortana in Halo 5 as an example.  "We’re assured that she manifests as a nearly naked hologram rather than a clothed one like the others for a very good reason. According to the developers, “she does it is to attract and demand attention. And she does it to put people off so they’re on their guard when they’re talking to her and that she has the upper hand in those conversations."

Screen Rant host Rob Flis takes a look at actors who played cameo roles voicing video game characters.

Stanford postdoctoral fellow Sebastian Alvarado explains to The Guardian that "Video games have to be plausible if you want to suspend disbelief."

Thomas Whitehead thinks Linkle May be a Clunky Introduction For a Female Link, but she opens up interesting possibilities.  I say a genderbent character falls faaar short of fan hopes.

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