Monday, November 2, 2015

Fresh Take: Disney Sugar Skull Villains

Prints available for purchase from Etsy. US$20
"'Villains' Print featuring 13 different Día de Muertos Disney Villains
I studied the characteristics of each villain to ensure their skull was one of a kind and I have also used symbolic objects in their eyes, and sometimes forehead, to share more about their powers or their story. Below are the characters and their eye symbols."

Evil Queen – The poisoned apple that Snow White ate
Queen of Hearts – The roses painted red with a heart in the center
Maleficent – Her fire as a dragon
Cruela – The paw prints of the wanted puppies
Ursula – Her shell necklace from the sea which she wishes to rule
Lady Tremaine – Her brooch that symbolized her status
Hades – His fire that comes from the underworld and that flows from his head
Hook – The hook that replaces what the alligator once took from him
Jafar – His amulet symbolizing the his hypnotic power
Dr. Facilier – The hands from his tarot cards
Yzma – Her potions that can change people sometimes into llamas
Mother Gothel – The hair from Rapunzel that kept her young Claude
Judge Frollo – The bells of Notre Dame.

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