Friday, November 13, 2015

Comic Round-Up: November 13, 2015

Spider-Man Vs. Venom by Juan Gedeon and Carlos Cabrera

"Spider-Man Vs. Venom" by Juan Gedeon and Carlos Cabrera

Interview: Ben Towle talks about Oyster War and creating graphic novels in general for his hometown newspaper.

Interview: Greg Rucka Drops the Mic in "Lazarus," Conjures "Black Magick" at Image & Can't Resist Star Wars

Interview: Ivan Velez Jr. Sings The Epic, Multicultural "Ballad Of Wham Kabam!"

Interview: Jennifer Hayden about her graphic memoir, The Story of My Tits (which just made the Amazon best of the year list).

Interview: Naruto creator Masashi Kishimoto is bullish on the future of manga: “Especially with the development of high-quality digital tools, the artistic side of manga has become much easier. I think that there’ll be a whole new class of artists from all over the world emerging that may have been previously discouraged and now with these digital tools, they’ll be able to create works and create what looks like manga but have a totally different perspective since their views are different from those from Japan. I think that will help expand the manga field through their new stories and new perspectives, and I really look forward to seeing the results of some of their works.”

Interview: "Secret Wars" began with writer Jonathan Hickman and artist Esad Ribic destroying the Marvel Universe, only to then have Doctor Doom use the Beyonders' god-like power to literally piece together its remnants and form a new planet known as Battleworld.

Interview: Wayne Bell says his new comic book ISIS: A Culture of Evil, is a valuable tool to tell stories of atrocities the media won’t cover.

News: Amazon lists its Top 20 graphic novels of 2015 in order of sales, but the editors chose The Sandman: Overture Deluxe Edition by Neil Gaiman and J.H. Williams III as the best graphic novel of the year.

News: Google beefs up comic book fans' mobile reading powers

News: Snowpiercer To Be Adapted As An Ongoing TV Series

Previews: Weirdworld #1

Reviews: Cesar R. Bustamante, Jr. on Darkseid War: Superman #1.  Rob Clough on The Cigar That Fell In Love With A Pipe. Jim Johnson on Web Warriors #1. Doug Zawisza on Batman #46.

After a slightly odd New York Observer interview with Robert Crumb a few days back; Crumb has since come out here decrying the end result.

AMC Should Just Become the Graphic Novel Network

Comic book creation: Irish man breathes life into Spider-Man: Ballycotton-based artist Will Sliney responsible for art work on Amazing web crawler

In his graphic novel Betty: The Helen Osborne Story, David Alexander Robinson focuses on a 1971 murder, but also raises the issue of violence against indigenous women, who make up a disproportionate number of the missing and murdered women in Canada.

Mike Lynch recommends some recent writing about Peanuts.

Peter Poplaski draws Batman.

Satoshi Yamazaki looks at the recent interest in war-themed comics in Japan.

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