Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Comic Round-Up: November 10, 2015

WolverineCreated by Christopher Stevens

"Wolverine" by Christopher Stevens

Interview: Brendan Burford, comics editor for King Features Syndicate, talks about the history of the funny pages.

Interview: Clayton Crain, back in his hometown of Yakima, Washington, for Central City Comic Con, talks about getting his start as a comics artist and working his way up to his current status as a freelancer for Marvel and other publishers. 

Interview: Lynda Barry, whose work is being featured in an exhibit in Madison, Wisconsin, does a radio interview on art and her inspirations.

Interview: Michael Cho talks about the 24 Marvel variant covers he's doing in February

Interview: Supergirl's Facinelli Explains Why Maxwell Lord Isn't Lex Luthor

Interview: Tom King On Hal Jordan's Big Decision

News: NBM announced its spring graphic novels line

News: The New York Review Of Books announced a comics-publishing effort called New York Review Comics (NYRC).

News: On the day his trial on sedition charges was due to begin, Malaysian political cartoonist Zunar threw a curve ball, asking the high court to declare the sedition law unconstitutional.

News: Oni reorganizes its entertainment division.

Reviews: Joe Gordon on Democracy. Paul Krassner on National Lampoon. Gregory Paul Silver on Archie Vs. Predator.  Bob Temuka on Sandman: Overture.

35 X-Men Covers With Too Many Mutants

Dave Herndon reports in on ComiqueCon, the first convention to focus entirely on women creators, which took place in Dearborn, Michigan, this past weekend.

Sean Kleefeld would like an inspirational word with you.

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