Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Short Film: Waterborne

"Waterborne" Directed by Ryan Coonan of Octopod Films

Octopod Films bills "Waterborne" as the world's first zombie kangaroo movie, and while I haven't checked with Guinness, I'm guessing they're probably right.  The short piece was conceived as a proof of concept for a feature film currently in development and crowdfunded by 249 backers who made the giant  zombie kangaroo puppet possible.

This ten minute horror film blends dark comedy and puppetry into something both gory and silly. If you're a fan of such good-bad B-movies as SyFy's Sharknado, you'll love Waterborne.

The film is set in a small town in which years of alternating drought and flood have taken their toll. When a local ranger finds a strange algae infesting the water supply, he knows something’s wrong, but it’s not until the sun goes down that he discovers just how wrong.  The algae turns not only humans but also animals into zombies.

"Waterborne is a short Australian horror/zombie film; the lovechild of a bunch of filmmakers from Melbourne, Australia. We all love zombies, and we all love making films. We've been developing this one for a while now, and we're planning to shoot in April 2013.

It's a very Australian story set in a small country town, where Todd, the local ranger, is pretty sure that years of environmental disasters are wreaking havoc on the local ecosystem. His suspicions are confirmed when contaminants in the water supply lead to the outbreak of a zombie-like virus that affects not only humans – but animals too.

The key scene in this short film revolves around an infected zombie kangaroo trying to smash its way into the ranger’s pickup truck.

Yes, you heard right - a ZOMBIE KANGAROO.

Not only are we confident that 'Waterborne' will amazing short film (which we'll be entering into film festivals around the world), but it will also act as a prequel for a feature film that we've got up our sleeve. So by supporting this project, you're also helping to get the ball rolling on a much bigger film (with even more zombie animals)!"

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