Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Link Round-Up: June 24, 2015

Enjoy an in-depth look at the sound design of Jurassic World.

French magician and juggler Antoine Terrieux created a series of remarkably self-sustaining sculptures using different arrangements of hair dryers, and has also incorporated them in funny ways in his stage performance. He also plays with a diabolo in ways that seem to defy gravity.

How Ant-Man Will Affect Marvel's Movies For Years To Come

Jakub Rozalski is a Polish illustrator whose artwork mixes retrofuturism and the Polish countryside of the 1920s (with special appearances of Wojtek the army bear), in a style reminiscent of the Kossak dynasty of realist painters, but with mechs. Note that during WW1 the Russians did experiment with the Lebedenko (aka Tsar Tank), a 12-m high, 60-ton war machine that was barely less fantastic than those painted by Rozalski.

On the pleasures of reading role-playing game material.

Want Spaceballs LEGO to become a part of your reality? Head over to LEGO Ideas and vote!

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