Thursday, June 25, 2015

Minecraft: Deathwing Kerrigan and Diable

If you think Minecraft is just about building stuff with blocks and avoiding creatures at night, you may need to dig yourself out of the cave around you and come into the light. In the right hands, Minecraft is nothing short of a creator’s toolkit where the possibilities are almost literally unlimited.

Twitch streamer Thorlar has spent the last 23 and a half weeks manually arranging virtual blocks in exactly the right way to compose the largest piece of pixel art ever seen in Minecraft.  Thorlarian spent more than 1,000 hours on the project rather than resorting to software. The digital illustration is made of 1,128,960 blocks, and the final image depicts Deathwing, Kerrigan, and Diablo, the three most recognizable characters from Blizzard's games.  Before you say "fake," know that he streamed his progress on Twitch, so he has got thousands of people who can attest to his feat.

If you want to get even closer to this, you can check out the interactive map of the project that will allow you to zoom all the way into every pixel/block. Enjoy.

"1.128.960 blocks placed by hand without help in any way, over the course of 23½ weeks, we now have a world record in this build! With thousands of witnesses through the livestream over at Twitch, there's no denying this is a legit world record. I hope you enjoy this Deathwing, Kerrigan, Diablo build!

For those uncertain, this is indeed a recreation in Minecraft based on the artwork made by Blizzard for one of their events, I merely took my time to make it in Minecraft because I love their games. :-)"

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