Monday, June 29, 2015

Short Film: Second Thoughts

"Second Thoughts" directed by David Shane of B Negative
Written by Matt Heath, Eric Stevens and Joshua Dimarcantonio

"Second Thoughts" is a dark comedy in which a cult leader gets cold feet when it comes time to "transcend" into the afterlife with his followers.

The High Priest Nebula, leader of a religious cult, is about to lead his acolytes in a mass suicide so that they can leave their mortal vessels and transcend to the planet Quathcore.  However, with the elixir in his chalice and the moment upon him, he is unsure whether he has faith enough to proceed. The only problem is that he was the one who prophesised that he would lead the others in their transcendence.

It's a strong short that expertly milks every drop of humor from its central premise, affording each character an opportunity to shine.  The overwhelming awkwardness of the High Priest Nebula is expertly portrayed by Rory Scovel.  The laughter keeps flowing as he squirms through evasion after evasion in a style reminiscent of an episode of Fawlty Towers.  Despite retreading familiar comedic ground, this short never outstays its welcome, though.

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