Monday, June 29, 2015

Sweets: Gremlins Cake

Source: Imgur via Reddit

Christine McConnell recently posted a gallery of images of a cake she made of Gizmo, my favorite childhood movie character.  That in itself would have been amazing, but she didn't stop there.  She took it to whole nother level. Instead of just showing off her cake to garner her well deserved culinary props, she staged a series of scenes in which the Gremlin transforms and runs amok, just like in the movie.  I feel like she ought to be presented with some sort of award.  Check out the full gallery below, then get over to Reddit to tell her how amazing she is!
"I started with Rambo Gizmo..."

"He's made up of a Caramel pecan turtle cake! I sculpted his eyes out of modeling chocolate and finished them with a clear piping gel for the wet effect :)"
"He was getting a few finishing touches..."
"... when disaster struck!"
"A few hours later this popped out of my oven '=/"
"A wheat grass & walnut Carrot cake/demonic gremlin... His eye balls are carved out of carrots :D  Although before I could figure out what to do; he escaped..."

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