Monday, June 29, 2015

Lego Creation: Mad Max Fleet

Lego mastermind Calin has done an amazing job capturing the true stars of Mad Max: Fury Road - the vehicles - in brick form.  Calin has included the Interceptor, the Nux Car, and even a few unexpected vehicles, including a mini that completely escaped my notice.  I'm praying that eventually instructions for these make their way online, because I would love to play with  model these myself... in a completely adult and mature way.

Make sure you CLICK through.  I've only posted one shot for each vehicle out of respect for the builder, but the Flickr album offers shots from many different angles.
"A mix of ideas and some more exploring of rims. These just might be THE rims for the Nux car, unfortunately the wheels holder doesn't allow much in terms of positioning of the grille.

I used to think TT wheels and holders are a walk in the park to play, but they turn out to be quite a challenge when you REALLY want to play them."

Deuce by _Tiler

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