Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Sci-Fi Round-Up: June 24, 2015

The Shipping Lane by Pat Presley

Interview: Adam Savage interviews Andy Weir, author of The Martian.

Interview: Amazon Books interviews Terry Brooks, author of The Darkling Child.

Interview: Ed Finn interviews Neal Stephenson author of Seveneves.

Interview: The Japan Times interviews Taiyo Fujii, author of Gene Mapper.

Interview: Lisette Brodey interviews Doug J. Cooper, author of Crystal Deception.

Interview: Luna Station Quarterly interviews Fonda Lee, author of Zeroboxer.

Interview: Mark Piszczor interviews David Brin, author of The River of Time.

Interview: My Bookish Ways interviews Liana Brooks, author of The Day Before.

Interview: R. L. Martinez interviews Andrea K. Höst of The Pyramids of London
Interview: Rising Shadow interviews Gail Z. Martin, author of Iron & Blood.

Interview: SFFWorld interviews Harry Turtledove, author of Bombs Away

Interview: SFFWorld interviews Nancy Springer, author of Wings of Flame.

Interview: SFF World interviews Stephen Baxter, author of The Long Utopia.

News: Fan Invited to Officially Pitch Star Trek Uncharted TV Series.

Review: Killjoys Is The Space Opera We've Been Waiting For Since Firefly

5 Favorite SF/F TV Shows About Failure.

5 Gateway Science-Fiction Books for Non-Fans.

11 Adult SF Novels to Turn Teens into Genre Die-Hards.

26 essential science fiction novels to get you ready for tomorrow.

Did you know there’s an entire oral history behind Big Hero 6‘s fist bump?

Digital poet builds world’s largest science fiction game.

Freedom in the Age of Algorithms: What Frank Pasquale’s The Black Box Society has to say about out dystopian future.

From Dyad to dance parties: An oral history of Orphan Black’s Season 2 finale.

Going Beyond the Walls: What to Read After Attack on Titan.

How Dungeons And Dragons Shaped Some Your Favorite Authors.

Humans: welcome to electric cleaning-lady land Channel 4’s new sci-fi thriller imagines a near-future world where we rely on intelligent robots to do our bidding.

Interplanetary Spacecraft, Ranked by Gizmodo.

Jenn Northington on Octavia Butler, Our Personal Reading Savior.

Jo Lindsay Walton on Marxist Science Fiction Studies.

Lewis Carroll, Alan Moore, and other SFF authors who hated their legacies.

On a Lack of Originality in Science-Fiction and Fantasy Game Settings.

An oral history of Star Trek: The Next Generation’s most shocking moment.

The Story of the Most Daring Cliffhanger in Next Generation History.

Straight out of sci-fi: Sony’s Robotic Dogs Are Dying A Slow And Heartbreaking Death.

Thea James on A Jurassic World-Inspired Reading List.

Two of the latest entries in the growing Cuban sci-fi scene!

Which Is Nerdier, Star Wars or Star Trek?

Why Do So Many Science Fiction Stories Take Children Into Space?

Will Artificial Intelligence be a Buddha? Is Fear of AI just Human Self-Loathing?

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