Friday, June 12, 2015

Link Round-Up: Jurassic World



18 Questions For Claire Dearing, Who Ran From Dinosaurs In Heels.

B.D. Wong Talks Returning To Jurassic World as Dr. Henry Wu.

The Blunt Reason Jurassic World’s Colin Trevorrow Won’t Do A Star Wars Movie.

Chris Pratt Gets Pranked During Jurassic World Interview.

Chris Pratt Talks Indiana Jones Rumors and Fighting Captain America.

Colin Trevorrow On Jurassic World Easter Eggs, Editing With Spielberg, SNL.

Colin Trevorrow talks Jurassic World, Jaws and More.

Geeks of Doom talks to Vincent D’Onofrio about Jurassic World.

How the director of Jurassic World jumped from Sundance to Spielberg. Director Colin Trevorrow on the making of his blockbuster debut.

Jurassic World’s Dinosaur Expert, Paleontologist Jack Horner, Talks Facts vs. Fiction.

Jurassic World is no joke for Chris Pratt, and he told us why.

Jurassic World Offers a Reptilian Reckoning to a Culture that’s Bored to Death.

Ty Simpkins Talks Jurassic World, Secrecy, Stunts, LEGOs and Star Wars

What About the Feathers? Talking Scientific Accuracy and Dinosaur Sex with Paleontologist Jack Horner.


Chris Pratt Says He’s Already Signed on for a Jurassic World Sequel.

Jurassic World eating up box office record: You thought dinosaur movies were done? Not quite, as the latest Jurassic movie heads for an enormous weekend of money-grabbing, said to be the biggest June hit of all time.

Jurassic World Had The Third-Largest Opening Day Of All Time.


Even with Chris Pratt and his velociraptors, Jurassic World fails to thrill.

"I enjoyed the whole absurdity of it" Paleontologists review Jurassic World.

If You're 11 Years Old, Jurassic World Is Now Your Favorite Movie

"It’s a bone-crunching, earth-shaking beast of a movie"

Jurassic Park III is the Purple Barney of the “Jurassic” Movies

Jurassic World hits all the right beats, but in the end, it’s just another Spielbergian safari to an island of genetically modified monsters.

Jurassic World may not be good, but it’s good comfort food.

Jurassic World Tries To Build A Bigger Dinosaur And A Bigger Movie.

Only Rampaging Dinosaurs Can Cure Frigid Feminism.

Why it falls short of Spielberg’s original.


7 Things That Need To Happen In Jurassic World.

9 Things About the Man Behind Jurassic World’s Record-Breaking Success

12 important callbacks to the original dino blockbuster

16 homages to Jurassic Park in Jurassic World.

All the Easter Eggs, Callbacks, and Other Things You Might Have Missed. (Spoilers!)

An affectionate look at Jurassic Park’s forerunners.

A Broker Explains How a Real-Life Jurassic World Would Get Insurance Coverage.

Bryce Dallas Howard’s heels in Jurassic World are more feminist than you think, and a meditation on how cats and velociraptors are basically the same.

Can you really envision Chris Pratt as Indiana Jones now?

The charming cast of Jurassic World battle to see who can make the worst possible decisions.

Clever Girl: A 10-year-old’s advice for surviving Jurassic World.

The Cult of Jurassic Park

The Derelict Theme Park Where Jurassic World’s Dinos Roam.

Did You Spot Jimmy Buffett’s Cameo in Jurassic World?

Dino out of Time: 6 SF Novels about Humans Meeting Dinosaurs

Dinomania: the story of our obsession with dinosaurs

Fake Websites Reveal the Complete Jurassic Park Timeline.

Go Back in Time To Visit the Original Jurassic World.

Going to see Jurassic World? Know your dinosaurs first!

Here’s The Real Science Behind Jurassic World: A paleontologist on the science behind Jurassic World, from velociraptors to that whale-thing that hunts sharks.

How Jurassic Park changed the DNA of blockbusters.

How Jurassic Park Revolutionized Visual Effects, Inspiring Jurassic World.

How Jurassic World Cleverly Sets Itself Up For A Sequel

Inside the Jurassic World Theme Park’s Rides, Restaurants and Little Secrets.

Jake Johnson’s Jurassic World fanboy was inspired by this guy.

John Scalzi quizzes you: What Dinosaur Will Kill You?

Jurassic World's Most Horrific Scene, and Family Horror

Jurassic World and the genetically modified blockbuster

Jurassic World Canon Catch-Up: How the Story Connects to the first Trilogy?

Jurassic World fans already have an incredible theory about Chris Pratt’s character.

Jurassic World misses an opportunity.

Jurassic World shows just how weird product placement has become.

Male Dinosaurs Are Not Capable of Understanding Jurassic World.

A Paleontologist Deconstructs Jurassic World.

Ranking All 16 Michael Crichton Novels

Real Jurassic World: Scientists Just Found a Way to Make Dinosaurs.

Revisiting Jurassic Park’s Tangled Bookish Roots

Spielberg as Genre: A generation influenced by Steven Spielberg.

Ten books to read after Jurassic World (and five to avoid).

The star of Jurassic World isn’t T-Rex. It’s Malcolm.

There’s No Feminism to Be Found in Jurassic World’s Genetic Code.

Touring the Jurassic World filming locations on Kauai.

Uproxx pitches We Bought a Jurassic World, directed by Cameron Crowe and starring Matt Damon (and co-starring the three faces Chris Pratt made in the entire movie?).

What Are Jurassic World’s Pterodactyls That Look Like Tiny T. Rex Called?

What Makes Jurassic Park Such A Damn Good Movie?

What makes Jurassic World Velociraptors so awesome

What Would It Be Like to Actually Visit Jurassic World?

Where to Visit the Real Jurassic World After You See the Film.

Why Doesn’t Anyone Like The Lost World: Jurassic Park?


Concept Art from Jurassic World Shows Off Isla Nublar’s Wild Beauty.

Monster Hunter / Jurassic World Mash-Up by TheShinyGuy.

The Nerdist offers this gallery of Jurassic Park Fan Art.


Jurassic World’s 667.15 Foot Long Mistake.

Jurassic World Featurette: “Welcome To Jurassic World

Jurassic World Theme” – 65 Million Years In The Making! by The Piano Guys.

Take A Look At 40 Behind The Scenes Pictures From Jurassic Park
This A Capella Cover of the Jurassic Park Theme Will Give You Chills

Top 10 Jurassic World Facts.

Watch the final trailer for Jurassic World.

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