Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Link Round-Up: June 23, 2015

Just for fun…

Alert: Freedom of Panorama Under Threat in Europe

Get Lost in the Internet's Mind-Bending, Math-Inspired Art

The Psychology of Messiness & Creativity: Research Shows How a Messy Desk and Creative Work Go Hand in Hand

The Rediscovered Face of Vincent Van Gogh

The Ultimate Collection of Movie Oral Histories

Who owns that Instagram shot, you or the celebrity who sells it for $90,000?

Why is season two so goddamned difficult?

Yes, androids do dream of electric sheep: Google sets up feedback loop in its image recognition neural network - which looks for patterns in pictures - creating hallucinatory images of animals, buildings and landscapes which veer from beautiful to terrifying

Zach King’s "Magic" Vine Compilation

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