Friday, June 12, 2015

Link Round-Up: June 12, 2015

News: Terry Pratchett's daughter declares The Shepherd's Crown will be the last Discworld novel.

450 painted, sculpted, cut, fired, and sewn artworks made from matchbooks by 225 artists from around the world. More photos at #strikeawayshow on Instagram. Currently on exhibit at Paxton Gate's Curiosities for Kids.

Do Androids Dream Of Cooking? The following recipes are sampled from a trained neural net. Happy cooking!
 Good news: we’re getting a “new” entry in the A Song of Ice and Fire series this fall! Better news: It’s a coloring book. Best possible news: You can go to Game of Thrones Coloring Book right now and start painting! Whether you want to spend several hours painting the House Targaryen crest in soothing shades of green, or create a purple-spotted Direwolf Dalmatian, as we’ve attempted above, you are guaranteed hours of fun.

Nothing, nothing, just sobbing in the corner with a Calvin and Hobbes book.

Ryan Britt does his best to untangle the crazy history of Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park books.

Tomorrowland‘s disappointing box office performance is only one part of its story, and certainly no barrier to future cult status. But does it actually give us the optimistic futurama we were promised?

We all love the Jurassic Park movies (…well, maybe not JPIII…) but we also want to give a moment to those who would point out that the science in these movies leaves something to be desired. We can also agree that the dino sounds are AWESOME.

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