Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Illustration: X-Men Evolutions Covers

The Amazing Spider-Man #661 by Mario Alberti
X-Men Evolutions covers

Two years back, Marvel ran a series of variant covers highlighting the evolution of Marvel's most popular characters.  They were oddly mismatched with their titles, but the art was beautiful.  If these were posters, I would own at least half of them.  Sadly, they were never released as prints, and this is the first time I've ever seen them all collected in one place.

Hulk #33 by Greg Tocchini

The New Avengers #12 by Khoi Pham

The Invincible Iron Man #504 by Brandon Peterson

Captain America #618 by Chris Stevens

Wolverine #9 by Michael Ryan

Venom #3 by Patrick Zircher

The Mighty Thor #2 by David Yardin

Herc #3 by John Tyler Christopher

FF #3 by Patrick Zircher

Journey Into Mystery #623 by Larry Stroman

Avengers #13 by Paul Renaud

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