Friday, June 12, 2015

Fan Art Round-Up: Christopher Lee

Dark Lord Christopher Lee by Ismael Bergara

"Dark Lord Christopher Lee" by Uruguay-based Ismael Bergara (Art-Calavera)
Christopher Lee Fan Art Gallery

Practically every movie-goer of our generation, our parents' generation, or even our grandparents' generation knows what an amazing actor Christoper Lee was, but since his death June 7th, an endless stream of stories about what an amazing person he was in real life have issued forth from all quarters.

He holds the Guinness Record for the most film acting roles, having appeared in over 350 movies, including the Bond, Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings franchises.  He recorded a heavy metal album about Charlemagne.  Lee joined the Royal Air Force at age 17, and during World War II, he was a member of a secret unit tasked with hunting Nazis.  

What's more amazing is that, as much as a badass as he was, he was best remembered for being a genuinely nice guy.  Some of my favorite Christopher Lee tributes have come from Ian McKellen and Peter S Beagle, both of whom recall how literate he was and how passionate he was about his craft.

Below, we've rounded up some of the best Christopher Lee fan art from around the web.  As usual, if you know of any outstanding fan art we've missed, drop a link in the comments below!

Dracula - Based on Christopher Lee

Saruman by Richard Sashigane

Dooku’s Demise by solo art

"Dooku’s Demise" by Los Angeles-based Solo Art

Man with the Golden Gun by Saint Genesis

"Man with the Golden Gun" by Sherbrooke, Canada-based Saint Genesis

In Memory of Christopher Lee by Murat Gül

Sir Christopher Frank Carandini Lee by bcimesa

"Sir Christopher Frank Carandini Lee" by Croatia-based Bane (bcimesa)

Saruman by Okan Bülbül

"Saruman" by Turkey-based Okan Bülbül (ArtofOkan)

RIP Christopher Lee by MaxGrecke

"RIP Christopher Lee" by Sweden-based Max Grecke

Rest in peace, Christopher Lee

Goodbye Sir by hello-ground

"Goodbye Sir" by Germany-based Lea (Hello-Ground)

Christopher Lee by Fredrik Mattsson

The Evolution of Christopher Lee

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  1. I love Sir Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing films, i have no favourite film(s), i cried bitterly for Peter and also again for Christopher, 2 remarkable unstoppable talented horror actors of our time. i have enjoyed following/supporting them. R I P Christopher and Peter until we meet again.


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