Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Event: 10th Anniversary Art Show

Invaders From Outer Space by Doaly

"Invaders From Outer Space" by Doaly
Part of the “10th Anniversary Art Show” opening Thursday, June 18th, 2015 at Iam8bit

Shinobi by Orlando Arocena

"Shinobi" by Orlando Arocena

Pikachu by Steve Courtney

"Pikachu" by Steve Courtney

The Toad Warrior by Wes Louie

"The Toad Warrior" by Wes Louie

Hail Storm on Zebes by Rich Pellegrino

"Hail Storm on Zebes" by Rich Pellegrino

Illustration by Philip Tseng

Created by Philip Tseng

Illustration by Thomas Burden

Created by Thomas Burden

Illustration by Mike Mitchell

Created by Mike Mitchell

Samus Sound System by Lon Chan

"Samus Sound System" by Lon Chan

Starfox by Ken Wong

"Starfox" by Ken Wong

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