Monday, June 22, 2015

Crafts: Super Mario 3 Blanket

Super Mario 3 Blanket by Kjetil Nordin
Via: Reddit via Kotaku

Norwegian computer programmer and  Super Mario 3 superfan Kjetil Nordin has finally completed the blanket of my younger self's dreams after more than six years of work!

Nordin, who was originally from Hjelmeland, Norway but now lives in Roskilde, Denmark, has re-created a screenshot from Super Mario 3 for the SNES as a crocheted blanket.  The handmade blanket measures 2.2 x 1.8 meters or approximately seven foot two inches by five foot ten inches.  What's even more impressive than its size is that the yarn perfectly matches the game's original colors.

In the intervening years, Nordin has also won the Norwegian Sky Diving team championship twice and earned two college degrees.

"The hardest thing has been to accept that it took such a long time,” Nordin told NRK in an interview. “I’ve spent 800 hours crocheting and many hours researching and searching for the correct yarn."

He was so determined to get it accurate that he even took apart part of his project when he discovered that he chose the wrong yarn color for the water on the blanket.  The yarn in question "was almost purple, and very ugly, so I had to undo all of it,” he explained. "That took an extra week."

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