Monday, February 1, 2016

Video Round-Up: February 1, 2016

The geniuses at 1A4 Studio (makers of such gems as the Blade Runner speedrun) are back again with their take on Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  Poe’s “I’m gonna getcha!” is my favorite line.

Conan O'Brien Meets His Show’s Censor - In this classic Conan clip from 2010 (that was just released), Conan O'Brien stops by the office of TBS' Standards and Practices Manager, Jim Spann, to find out what types of offensive things he can and cannot get away with on his late-night talk show.

Dear Kitten: Beginnings - A wise older cat (voiced by Ze Frank) shares his kittenhood memories and experiences with his new kitten housemate, in the latest edition of the "Dear Kitten" ad series for Friskies cat food.

Dogs Who Don’t Understand How Stairs Work - Petcha compiled this amusing video compilation of dogs using unconventional methods to ascend and descend stairs (or doing their best to avoid them entirely).

Grumpy Goat Makes Bizarre Noises - This cantankerous old petting zoo goat appears to be in need of an exorcism as he gives a woman a piece of his mind.

Guy Gets Guitar, Learns to Play It  - When Rich Joyce received a guitar for Christmas, he only knew a few chords. Wanting to learn more, he signed up with a teacher and then documented his progress through monthly updates, where he demonstrated his newest skills. Joyce is now planning to teach his son to play guitar.

Kittens Climbing Their Humans - The latest video compilation from MrFunnyMals features cute clips of fearless little felines climbing up their humans' legs for food and/or affection.

One-Year-Old Snowboarder Hits the Slopes Like a Pro - Baby Sloan recently went snowboarding for the first time at Park City Mountain Resort in Park City, Utah, and she's either the world's best one-year-old snowboarder, or she's just too bundled up to move.

Piglet in a Dress Meets a Kitten - Laura, the rescued piglet, becomes instant best friends with Marina, the kitten, in this ridiculously cute video from the Igualdad Interespecie animal sanctuary in El Monte, Chile.

Star Wars Creator George Lucas Opens Up About His Retirement - In this new sketch by Los Angeles-based comedian, Josh Robert Thompson, filmmaking icon, George Lucas, shares his thoughts on Disney taking over the Star Wars franchise, shows off his zoo animals, and reveals that he's learning to use The Force, while being interviewed at his Skywalker Ranch in California.

Woman Takes 35 Great Danes for a Walk in the Snow - Danielle Yule from Dantry Danes, and her family, take their thirty-five well-trained and well-dressed great danes (and one Saint Bernard) for a snowy walk through the woods in Gorrie, Ontario, Canada.

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