Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Link Round-Up: February 16, 2016

Star Wars Re-imagined by Marcin Soboń

"Star Wars Re-imagined" by Wrocław, Poland-based Marcin Soboń

30 Essential Wuxia Films: With the highly-anticipated release of two King Hu masterpieces on home video by the Masters of Cinema organization, as well as the critical success of Hou Hsiao-hsien’s The Assassin last year, it seems like the wuxia film is making some inroads into the Western critical consciousness. So I thought I’d put together a guide to some of the essential films of the genre.

The 1972 World Chess Championship in Reykjavik occasioned a fantastic series of caricatures, by Icelandic artist Halldór Pétursson, of Fischer and Spassky. The unwatermarked versions at the bottom of the page are the result of some simple but clever image processing.

A mixtape featuring 20 young independent bands from China, curated by Wooozy, one of the country's leading indie music blogs. "From sunny Guangzhou and cyberpunk Chongqing to the frigid northeast grasslands beyond Beijing. From shoegaze to riot-weird." It can also be downloaded in full here.

Reylo - My heart will go on: Kylo and Rey meet in a Titanic mash-up

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Lego set makes its debut

The Tiniest Gallery "I like art, so I built a single-serving art gallery that features local artists and hung it on the fence outside my house. "

We’re Giving Each episode of Better Call Saul a D&D Alignment

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