Thursday, February 25, 2016

Link Round-Up: February 25, 2016

The Scavenger

Are your children hesitant to talk in-depth about what they do online? THEY MIGHT BE HACKERS!  Or they've discover internet porn.  One or the other.

Cerebus artist Gerhard is hard at work creating Beautiful Harry Potter Prints

China's Ban on 'Weird' Architecture Is a Damn Shame

Milleathery Falcon: Millennium Falcon Leather Purse by Mikaela Holmes

Here's why the most terrifying Buffy villain isn't who you think it is. Choosing one among the many 'Big Bad' characters, the writer argues that one stands apart as the worst of them.

New York-based artist Elizabeth Miller of Stitchering creates DIY cross-stitch patterns for beloved characters, ships, and symbols and more from favorite pop cultures sources including Star Wars, Adventure Time, Harry Potter, and a series that depicts Disney princesses with tattoos.

The Setup Wizard, a blog about being the Hogwarts IT Guy. Relatively recent, and yet fairly brilliant blog about what it's like to be the muggle IT guy for a bunch of wizards and witches. Nice shoutout to Bowie in there too.

Whatever happened to the animators who worked on Akira? (NSFW) Find out with over 30 minutes of clips that start with a scene from 1988's masterpiece of Japanese animation, Akira, and follow each animator's career across the decades.

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