Monday, February 22, 2016

Link Round-Up: February 22, 2016

This Fan-Made Weasley Clock is Everything Our Hearts Desire

Kodak's Analog Renaissance with Super 8 Camera: Kodak’s Super 8 project tells an interesting tale about opportunity and value in today’s post-digital economy."

A message from J.J. Abrams: please make your own Star Wars movie

The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s New Logo Is a Typographic Bus Crash

The original 1977 release of Star Wars has long been the holy grail for fans. George Lucas famously made numerous changes for each release and once declared, "A hundred years from now, the only version of the movie that anyone will remember will be the DVD version [of the Special Edition]." Even the National Film Registry (created in response to the pleas of filmmakers like Lucas) which inducted Star Wars in 1989 does not have a copy. Fans resorted to creating "despecialized" editions (previously) in an attempt to recreate the original. Understandably, fans were delighted when Team Negative1 completed a digital scan of an original 35mm print. Dubbed "The Silver Screen Edition", the project was made possible by a chance E-Bay purchase of a Spanish print of the film that was surprisingly high quality. That still left a considerable amount of work to digitize and clean up the film. Here's a timelapse of the cleanup of a single frame. Last year team member "Mr. Black" was interviewed on The Expanded Fandom podcast and explained the process. Comparison with the Blu-Ray (the lighter, grainier version is the restoration): OneTwo, Three

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