Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Comic Round-Up: February 2, 2016

X-MenLines by Sajad ShahColors by Elmer Santos

"X-Men" by Sajad Shah and Elmer Santos

Interview: Cartoonist Josh Neufeld and journalist Alia Malek discuss their nonfiction comic about the struggle of several Syrian refugees.

Interview: Johnnie Christmas discusses his collaboration with novelist Margaret Atwood on her comic Angel Catbird.

Interview: Spike Trotman discusses her two current projects, the latest Smut Peddler anthology, published by her own company Iron Circus, and her graphic biography of singer Josephine Baker, which will be released by First Second.

Interview: Writer Si Spurrier talks about his new series Cry Havoc: “It’s about a woman trying to live a normal life, but she’s not. She’s infected by a sliver of chaos, an idea, something which kicks her out of her nice, neat, domestic little life. Over time it digs up all this stuff that, if she would admit it to herself, has been bubbling away under there all along. And then, of course, we take this absolute batshit twist and send her off to Afghanistan.”

News: Akira Himekawa, the two-woman team that drew the Legend of Zelda manga, has announced a new project: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, based on the 2006 game of the same name.

Previews: Rivers Of London: Night Witch #1

Reviews: Michael Buntag on Ultraman Vol. 2. Henry Chamberlain on Bernie. Mark Dickson on Hass #1 and After The Gold Rush #1. Anghus Houvouras on Old Man Logan #1. Todd Klein on Justice League #47. Paul O'Brien on All-New X-Men #1-3.  Shawn Starr on Werewolf Jones And Sons.  Andrew Weiss on World's Worst Comics Awards. James Whitbrook on Old Man Logan #1.

5 More '90s Marvel Series We Want Back

10 Things Legends of Tomorrow Needs to Do to Be Successful

As First Second Books prepares to celebrate its 10th anniversary, Cory Doctorow talks to the staff about how they produce those beautiful books, how they match up writers and artists, and what French books they won’t be publishing in the United States

Bruce Canwell dives into the rich subject of advertising for comics

David Cotner reports from the Los Angeles Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention, a more laid-back alternative to the big comics conventions.

Etelka Lehoczky has some webcomics suggestions, as well as a few thoughts on how the medium has evolved.

"Lucifer" EP Says Show Will Take Cues From Comics, More Gaiman Characters Possible

Ms. Marvel writer G. Willow Wilson gives her take on the controversy around Marvel CEO Ike Perlmutter’s $1 million donation to Donald Trump’s veterans’ fundraiser.

Sarah Glaser, a student at Old Dominion University, hopes to become the second person to get a PhD in comics studies.

Spider-Woman's Artists Have Been Killing It

Twenty-Four Years Ago Today: The Start Of The Image Comics Revolution

Vote for the Top 50 Black Comic Writers and Artists of All-Time!

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