Thursday, February 11, 2016

Link Round-Up: February 11, 2016

Having fallen down the rabbit hole of British colonial cinema history, I thought to share some of the wonderful discoveries with you.

This Lego Paper Airplane Factory Is Wonderfully Over-Complicated

Nerdy analytic overthinking? The economics of the Death Star and the legal case of Han vs. Greedo. Ask those hard questions like are the Jedi overrated? and of course is Jar Jar the big boss?

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World‘s Honest Trailer Reminds Us All to Re-Read the Source Material

Star Wars and Sci-Fi Fans Should Drool Over This Modern Speeder Concept

WRITE YOUR OWN FANTASY GAME FOR YOUR MICROCOMPUTER (PDF) is a beautifully illustrated guide to programming (what else) fantasy roleplaying games on early personal computer hardware, along with its companion WRITE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE PROGRAMS (also PDF), covering text adventures. Hat tip to the game design Tumblr Put Games Here for the original link.

If you're interested in other computer game fan material from the same era, the site has a wide range of scans: hand drawn and screenshot composited game maps, game advertisements, hardware pics, tape inlays for games, and magazines among other things.

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