Monday, February 1, 2016

Short Film: Turning Point

"Turning Point" by Joe Penna
Written by Joe Penna and Ryan Morrison

"Turning Point" is yet another great sci-fi short from Joe Penna.  This one takes us into a post-apocalyptic near future in which a lethal contagion transforms people into zombies.  Far from being the typical zombie horror cliché, though, Penna offers a fresh take on the genre with a story about a woman trapped in the midst of an outbreak.
Below, you can watch an excellent behind the scene featurette demonstrating how the film came together, as well as all the unexpected difficulties the director encountered during production, including the lead actress being involved in a serious car accident on her way to the shoot.
"Abandoned and exposed to a deadly disease, a young woman wakes up to discover she must survive the night alone."

YouTube Space LA and SkyBound built a really really cool set and we had the opportunity to apply to a writer’s program at the space. It was awesome, it was about six classes… of us going in and talking to wonderful people like David Albert and [Academy Award winner] Geena Davis. So we wrote the script [and] got great notes from the program and had to figure out how to actually pull this off.
One of the advantage of having the set already built is that I was able to create an identical set on the computer, I used a program called FrameForge to create a storyboard and we basically knew exactly what every single shot was going to look like even before we got to shooting.

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