Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Comic Round-Up: February 10, 2016

Luke Butland

Interview:  Gil Deacon talks to Neil Gaiman.

Interview:  Illustrator Sonny Chargualaf, who teaches art at John F. Kennedy High School in Guam, talks about his work as artist on the graphic novel The Dark Reaches: Volume 1

Interview: Ryan Reynolds reveals his next priority is to get an X-Force movie done

Interview:  Roz Chast talks about her life and work as a New Yorker cartoonist on the Design Matters podcast.

Interview: Three women who work for Marvel Comics — director of content and character development Sana Amanat and editors Katie Kubert and Emily Shaw — discuss their work life, why they chose comics, and what they are reading these days.

News: League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen Will End In A “Year Or So”

News: Linus Maurer, a professional cartoonist whose name Charles Schulz borrowed for his Peanuts character, has died at the age of 90.

News: The Portland Oregonian pulled three Non Sequitur strips that made fun of the occupiers of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge after one of the occupiers was killed.

Previews: Lola XOXO Wasteland Madam #4

Reviews: Joe Gordon on The Trouble With Women. Todd Klein on Survivors' Club #4. Shawn Starr on Ding Dong Circus.

5 Things We Can’t Wait to See When The Flash visits Earth-2

10 Amazing Superhero Movie Scenes You’ve Never Seen

20 Great Black Comic Book Characters

All You Need to Know About "Deadpool" in Four Panels

Comic-Con is often described as “Mardi Gras for nerds” but the real Mardi Gras just wrapped up in New Orleans, and as these photos show, pop culture has definitely influenced the biggest party of all. 

Cosmopolitan lists 14 Graphic Novels and Comics Every 20-Something Woman Should Read, and it’s actually a sound list, including everything from Persepolis to Love and Rockets.

Free 150 Page Guide To 100 Women Making Comics

The Guardian rounds up the Modern Era of comics, in which Kelly Sue DeConnick, Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie and Fiona Staples are the stars.

How Budget Limitations Helped Deadpool and Gave Us Gina Carano

Deadpool Movie Spoilers: The Pansexuality Of Wade Wilson

Gotham Reveals the Terrifying Chinstrap of B.D. Wong's Hugo Strange

Here’s Who Dies In Captain America: Civil War

It's All A Matter Of Faith, Females And Fat-Shaming...

Marc Guggenheim Reveals Why Deathstroke Won’t Be Back On ‘Arrow’

New Daredevil Season 2 Promo Teases Punisher's Explosive Arrival

Pros Vs. Cons: Should You Watch Deadpool?

The Unlikely Origins of Deadpool, The X-Men Character Who Conquered All Media

Will Scott Snyder Write From A Villain Point Of View?

X-Men Apocalypse Quicksilver Scene Took 1.5 Months To Film

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