Monday, March 17, 2014

Fresh Take: Goodnight Dune

The Moon is so seventies.  We live in an age per-occupied by bigger adventures, like establishing colonies on Mars.  So, maybe it's time to freshen up our literature, starting with the easy stuff, like Goodnight Moon.  Julie Yu has made a really good start with her Goodnight Dune.

I was happy that the bed's headboard didn't fold down to release a the hunter-seeker mid-way through the story.  Of course, the no room wasn't introduced until book 4, God Emperor of Dune, and thus, it is sadly out of place amid the other concepts from the first Dune book.  But that's a whole other level of nerd hauteur.  At least the book didn't end with it raining in the play room, pissing off all of the book's fans.

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