Monday, March 31, 2014

Featurette: Star Wars: Prelogy

If you want a reminder of the story that was laid out in the prequels (and I honestly don't know why you would), without having to endure them all over, Reddit has pointed folks in the direction of epic retrospective created by Steven Thomas that recaps the three movies in ten minutes.  It's like ripping off the band-aid really quick.
"The three Star Wars prequels Lucas released between 1999 and 2005, 22 years after their predecessors in the original trilogy, were among the most eagerly awaited movies of all time -- and arguably, among the most discussed of all time.

But I like the prequel ! I'm not a purist of Star Wars but i have to tell you these movies are more interesting than lot of SuperHero movies which multiplies since last years. I know this trilogy is unperfect but it's not so catastrophic which we can say. The storyline is certainly better than the directing and the interpretation of leading actors but George Lucas has made a coherent prelogy with the original trilogy."

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