Monday, March 24, 2014

Short Film: Dark Noir

"Dark Noir" written and directed by Rafael Grampá, animated by Red Knuckles

The short film Dark Noir combines 3D and 2D animation to immerse us into a visually distinctive world in which ideas are creatures that can be snatched away from their owners.  In the film, private eye Vincent Black goes in search of an elderly man's ideas in an attempt to recover the man's lost creativity.  But in the course of his search, Black discovers something about his own past.

In a particularly interesting twist on the theme of stolen ideas, the film's story was crowd sourced when Grampá took suggestions from Absolut's Facebook followers over the course of three weeks.  The captivating result are a sure sign that we'll be seeing more crowd sourced films in the future!
"Dark Noir, a co-created animated short film by Rafael Grampá, Absolut and Facebook fans worldwide.

The ambitious challenge invited people around the world to unleash their imaginations and transform their ideas into an animated film. During a live interactive three-week period, on Facebook/Absolut, Grampá encouraged consumers to take part and influence the action and storyline as he wrote it. To help him transform his 2D characters and script into 3D, Grampá teamed up with Red Knuckles animation studio.

Grampá, Rick Thiele and Mario Ucci and their team of animators then transformed the crowd-sourced suggestions into an animated short film which premiered at MADE Berlin March 2014."

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