Thursday, March 27, 2014

Installation: Walking, Eating, Sleeping

Frick’s work is composed of laser-cut wood panels that serve as visual records of numerical patterns that represent how people experience their day.  Each piece is unique.  One piece, for example, depicts how a group of people spend their day walking.  It looks like a map of a city, with gridded roads and clusters of buildings.  Each panel is hung at different height and at different angels, creating an overwhelming cloud of data, referencing multiple lives and timelines. 
"Numbers are abstract concepts but we recognize pattern intuitively. I’m experimenting with wall size patterns that anticipate the condition of our daily-selves. Very soon walls and spaces we occupy will be filled with easy to decode patterns – a visual record of how we feel, stress level, mood, bio-function captured, digitally recorded and physically produced using 3D printers and lasercutters. Human data portraits transcribed as pattern from the all the sensor data collected about us.

Will it kill the mystery of being human, simply magnify our defects or will sensors and a mass of measurements acknowledge and present patterns of self-examination that lure us into a future of self-quantification that is irresistible?"

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