Friday, March 21, 2014

Posters: Beautiful Death

"Beautiful Death" Series  illustrated by Robert M. Ball
The Official death-by-death countdown to Game of Thrones season 4.

Fans of the HBO hit series eagerly await the premiere of Season Four on April 6th.  To whet our appetite, they've commissioned UK illustrator Robert M. Ball to create a poster for each death scene in the series thus far.  (Actually only each major death scene.  All those poor Red Shirts in the background don't merit posters of their own.)  They're release one new poster for each day between now and the premiere in a count down.  What's more, fans are being invited to contribute their own renditions of each death.

Read what Ball had to say about getting the initial call to do the series on his blog.
"The most challenging aspect of all this has been trying to think of different kinds of ‘ideas’ for each picture, without simply recreating the scene as was filmed. There’s been ‘graphic’ ideas – the map of Westeros in blood, the blood on the claws of The Mountain’s shield, the giant boar’s head waiting for Robert Baratheon in the woods – there’s been extreme compositions – Jory’s eye with the Kingslayer looming, Arya’s sword skewering the stable boy – and there’s been ‘collage’ ideas – Ned’s blood turning into birds, the butcher boy running in The Hound’s hot breath."

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