Monday, March 24, 2014

Comic Round-Up: March 24, 2014

Flightby archangelgabriel

Interview: The infamous Jonathan Ross talks about how he got his start writing comics and about his new Image title Revenge: “As I grow older and slightly more grotesque, I find other grotesque people more interesting. I told Ian that [the character] had to be gnarled, old and weird-looking like an old tree with more veins and droopy bits.”

Interview:  Publisher Mike Richardson and Editor-in-Chief Scott Allie about Dark Horse’s new line of superhero comics, Project Black Sky.

Interview: Writer Ales Kot discusses his Image Comics series Zero and his aversion to glorifying murder and violence, which extends to his superhero work, where he insists on including the consequences of violent acts: “Good case in point is something that I recently mentioned to Marvel, which is that we’ll be dealing with PTSD a bit in terms of one of the characters I’m working on, because there’s no way certain things that you would do would not have an effect on you.”

Interview: Writer Greg Pak discusses Action Comics and how working with the rebooted New 52 character made his job more interesting: “When you have a character who’s as powerful as Superman, starting with the character being a little younger and still figuring out what he’s doing on the planet and what his powers are and what his responsibilities are, that’s just a great way to find stories and drama and test your character’s heroism.”

News: Rutgers University will host next month to the first Camden Comic-Con. Guests will include Bob McLeod of The New Mutants) and Bryan Glass of The Mice Templar.

The 75 greatest Batman covers of ALL TIME.

Emily Priddy takes a comics-themed tour of Southern Illinois, including the Superman museum in Metropolis.

Psychologist Dr. Patrick O’Connor explains superhero therapy, in which he uses comics to help his patients (mainly pre-teen and teenaged boys) talk about what’s going on in their lives: “It’s all about kind of seeing your own story in the stories of others and when it involves superheroes … it makes it that much more engaging.”

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