Monday, March 31, 2014

Link Round-Up: March 31, 2014

Crescent Crown Dragon by MoulinBleu

Creative Influence Isn't an Excuse for Plagiarism

How it became cool to be a geek

Does late Dungeons & Dragons creator Gary Gygax deserve a statue?

The Lord of the Rings vs. Game of Thrones: Tolkien's epic fantasy seems downright naive compared to George R.R. Martin's post-Cold War political parable

Nine over-the-top pieces of "Game of Thrones" fan fiction: Loving a show means never having to apologize for transplanting "Thrones" characters to the present day.

The Power Loader from Aliens was way more massive in Syd Mead's Concept Art, and according to the Alien Stories blog, the climactic set piece where Ripley uses the power loader to confront the Queen was originally from Xenogenesis, the $20,000 short film Cameron had started when he was young and never completed.

There's nothing like a Darth Vader mail box to keep your mail carrier in line.

Star Trek’ Klingon Warnog beer invites fans to drink like warriors

This 10 year old girl recently held a Firefly themed birthday party. Jealous?

Tour Pixar in May: Cartoon Art Museum Fundraiser

The Windows boot sound was created on a Mac.  FYI

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