Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Short Film: Torturous

Have you ever found your credulity strained in the midst of a horror movie when the killer's actions seem to be just a bit too perfectly executed?  I mean, why is it that horror film psycho always seem to be just a hair's breadth from omniscience?  Torturous is a short film that pokes fun at that entire convention.  What if the villains from Hostel and Saw ruined their own plans by accidentally grabbing the wrong guy?   Or what if the madman from your favorite slasher flick was in the grip of an existential crisis?

This excellent short film from Angus Swantee walks the line between blood-soaked fear and black humor without ever missing a step.  It combines comedy and terror by letting the victim keep his cool while the villain reacts like an actual human being.  The results reduce the horror genre's best conventions to complete absurdity.

I would absolutely love to see this one expanded out into a full length film like Cabin in the Woods.

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