Monday, March 24, 2014

Gaming Round-Up: March 24, 2014

Mario Kick A**! by Rodrigo Pascoal

"Mario Kick A**!" by Sao Paulo-based Rodrigo Pascoal

News: If you’ve been looking for yet another retailer to undervalue your used games, Walmart will begin accepting game trade-ins starting March 26.

5 Mech Games You Should Play That Aren't Titanfall

The 6 best streams for watching Heroes of the Storm

The 10 Best Stealth Videogames, as chosen by Paste.
A.C. Howe wrote a defense of Super Metroid‘s backtracking for  Haptic Feedback.

Edward Smith wrote a trio of posts about Silent Hill 2 looking at the long intro walk in the woods, the character of Laura and a closer look at the subtle meanings behind the nurses’ design.

Mike Rose delved into the seedy world of digital gunrunners who circumvent the Steam trading system to make a quick buck off of Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

The Ontological Geek takes a long look at the concept of the asylum level in video games and what it means, aside from, you know, crazy people in the game.

Tobias Martin Schwaiger considers how the movie adaptions of Resident Evil have managed to enrich the original source material, despite the franchise's heavy use of cinematic devices.

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