Friday, August 4, 2017

Sci-Fi Round-Up: August 4, 2017

Guardians of the Galaxy Poster by Matt Taylor


Interview with RJ Barker, author Of Age Of Assassins


Annihilation: Alex Garland's New Sci-Fi has A Release Date
Christopher Nolan Was Tempted To Shoot 'Dunkirk' Without A Script
Denis Villeneuve: Blade Runner 2049 Is My Biggest Challenge
Disney Announces Star Wars: Secrets Of The Empire
Dragon Con Has Announced The Shortlist For The Second Dragon Awards
Forecast Calls For A Sharknado When Capitalism Runs Amok
Jk Rowling Is World's highest-Paid Author
Jamboo Upbeat Ahead Of Fifa Interactive Clubworldcup
Jurassic World 2: What We Know So Far
Luke, Han & Leia Head To Jedha In Rogue One Crossover Comic
Margot Robbie, Denise Di Novi To Produce Sci-Fithriller For Warner ...
Mars Fantasy Meets Mars Reality
More Star Wars Drama With A Rewrite Impending For Episode IX
NASA's Next Planetary Protection Officer - A Guardian Of The Universe ...
Natalie Portman Sci-Fithriller 'Annihilation' Gets Release Date
Neill Blomkamp's Alarming New Sci-Fi short May Be The Best Of ...
New Line Cinema Picks Up Sci-Fi Crime Thriller Pulse From Stranger Things Team
Star Wars: Episode IX Undergoing A Script Rewrite
So Long, Bioware Montreal, We Hardly Knew You
Star Wars tour Adjusted At Disney's Hollywood Studios
Stranger Things Writer/Producers Land Superhero Crime Thriller Pulse ...
What Does The Star Wars universe Smell Like? Head To Disney


The Dark Tower: A Beloved Franchise, Belittled By A Lazily Over Familiar Blockbuster Structure.
The Dark Tower Is A Sci-Fi/Fantasy Epic That Is As Sprawling As It Is ...
The Dark Tower Movie Feels Like A Prologue (And That's Okay)
In The Dark Tower Franchise Visions Fall Flat
Marvel's INHUMANS Series Gets Torn Apart in First Review
Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets Lavish ...


3D Is 'No Longer The Default' Says Imax
8 Huge Twists That Tv Conveniently Forgot From Doctor Who
2017 Dragon Awards Are A Far-Ranging Sci-Fi And Fantasy Reading List
Are We On The Verge Of An AI Takeover?
Avengers: Infinity War Stars weren't Given A Full Script
Ben Browder Got That Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Cameo ...
The Best Sci-Fi series On Netflix UK
Better Late Than Never: 'Stranger Things'
Blade Runner 2049 Gets A Range Of Pop! Vinyl And Dorbz Figures
Christopher Nolan Originally Planned To Shoot 'Dunkirk' Without A Script
Dc's Live-Action Titans Just Cast A Major Team Member
Daft Punk Looking Super Cyber
Disneyland Goes Vr With Star Wars experience
Doctor Who With Disgusting Jokes: Why Rick And Morty Is The Best Sci-Fi ...
From Game Of Thrones To Stranger Things: How Geek Tv Crashed ...
Gene Editing: How Far Are We From Fixing And Designing Babies
Hbo Boss On The Search For The Next Game Of Thrones
How Game Of Thrones Changed The Emmy Game
How To Dress For Dystopia, According To Three Costume Designers
How To Travel Faster Than Light
How Valerian Earns Its Place Among Film's Strangest Flops
It Leaders' Pragmatism Will Be The Antidote To Ai Scaremongering
In Victor Lavalle's The Changeling, A Sci-Fi Fairy Tale Gets Hard ...
The Latest New Books For Science-Fiction lovers
'Life' And 'The Belko Experiment' Toy With Sci-Fi
One Important Thing That Needs To Change For The Dark Tower 2 ...
Peer Into The Horror That Is Kirk Hammett's Movie Poster Collection
Playing The 'Scape' Goat: There Was A Huge Sci-Fi cameo Hiding ...
Prairie Nerds Podcast: Who Wants To Protect Us From Space?
Ranking The 10 Freakiest Creatures In 'Star Wars' History
Recursor.Tv Brings All The Best Indie Sci-Fi To One Place
Star Wars: Secrets Of The Empire Hyper-Reality Is Coming ...
Sci Fi Books To Get In August!
Sci Fi fidelity Podcast: Male Royalty, Midnight Texas, Salvation ...
Snorkeling, Glitch Sculpture (X-Post From /R/Interestingasfuck)
Sophie Turner Says She Beat A Better Actress For A Role Due To 'More ...
Special Forces Test Out Boba Fett Combat Helmet
Star Wars multiplayer Vr Is Coming To Disneyland And Walt Disney ...
Star Wars: What Really Killed Yoda? This Will Break Your Heart
Stephen King Has Spent Half A Century Scaring Us, But His Legacy Is ...
Stephen King Wants An R-Rated Sequel To The Dark Tower
Stephen King's Pennywise Is Back: Secrets From The Set Of 'It'
Take A Look At The Entire Star Wars galaxy From Your Living Room
The 'Annihilation' Film Adaptation Is Already Giving People Of Color ...
The Best Horror films of 2017 (So Far)
The Matrix Directors' Most Ambitious Movie Is Now On Netflix
The New Gods Need To Be An Important Part Of The Dceu
The One Thing I Wish 'Destiny 2' Would Steal From 'Warframe'
The Telly Fiver Five Classic Doctor Who Stories To Watch
This Voltron Lego Set Is Almost Ready To Assemble
Two New Set Photos From Disney's Untitled Han Solo movie
We Are The Hbo Hackers And These Are Our Demands
Why Don't Dystopias Know How To Talk About Race?
Why Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Snuck In That Farscape Cameo
William Gibson: What We Talk About, When We Talk About Dystopia



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