Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Link Round-Up: August 2, 2017

"Star Wars 40th Anniversary" by Adi Granov

200+ Posters From the Golden Age of Graphic Design Are Now Free to Download

BLD is a site founded for gamers who love to build but are too busy to figure out what pieces they need to build a PC powerful enough to play video games.  Just select what type of games you want to play, pick a price range, and BLD will present you with a PC virtually built with the parts you’ll need.

Concrete sculptures by David Umemoto

Crafter HinĂ© Mizushima has created a line of extremely detailed, plaque mounted giant paramecium made out of felt. These single cell organism reproductions were created for an art show at Ranbu Gallery in Osaka, Japan. These and many of Mizushima’s other amazing works are available on a rotating basis through her Etsy store.

First Time 3D Printing User Creates Highly Detailed Models of SpaceX Rockets

From the “This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things” file comes the San Diego Comic-Con trying to enforce a trademark on the phrase “Comic-Con.”

Life-Size LEGO Thor Sculpture Took 290 Hours to Build

Mike “retroresource” Carambat is a mechanical cosplayer who may be Dad of the Year.  He recently built a drivable replica of the MEKA mech suit that Overwatch’s D.Va pilots for his daughter. I've seen several cosplayers who've built a mech, but this is the first one I’ve ever seen that actually moves on its own.  Here's some more footage.

See How This Intricate, 3D Printed Mechanical Calculator Works

How to Sew a Personalized Leather Tool Roll. Here's another version.

Slate Future Tense: What Were Screen Savers? Originally a software solution to the hardware problem of burn-in on CRTs, screen savers gradually morphed from a practicality to "...artworks that we rarely thought of as art, partly because we never knew the names of the artists who had made them." After Dark was one of the most prominent, now featured in an exhibition called Sleep Mode and memorialized in Aggressively Stupid: The Story Behind After Dark.

Try Studio is a platform for one-on-one private lessons in all things creative.

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