Monday, August 7, 2017

Link Round-Up: August 7, 2017

The archbishop of Ottawa expressed regret that several Catholics were shocked at the sight of a giant robotic spider perched on Notre Dame Cathedral.

A bit of a language warning on this next one, but the minds behind the Warhammer40K send-up, “If the Emperor Had a Text-To-Speech Device” have put out a pilot episode of “If The Emperor Had a Podcast.” While there is heretical language not fit for the ears of younglings, some steps are taken in the podcast to limit such utterances… but still…

French graphic designer Jade Dalloul has has launched a project called Brand Currency that speculates what it would look like if companies produced their own dollars and cents.

Graffiti shopkeeper Ibo started the Paintback campaign after seeing Swastikas on the walls of his local park. Street artists meet in his shop to come up with new ideas for how to cover the Swastikas by incorporating the symbols into their graffiti art.

It's hard to tell which is uppermost in your mind, "Awwww" or "Ahhhh!": behold Jurassic Kitten, (including outtakes). Some like the sequel even better: Purrassic World. But if light sabers are more your thing, you may prefer Darth Kitten, or Star Wars: The Kitten Awakens (also with outtakes).

Lightningface is a great short film, written and directed by Brian Petsos, about a man named Basil Stitt (Oscar Isaac) who loses his mind, uproots his life, and transforms who he is entirely after being struck in the face by a bolt of lightning.

Millennials are Killing is a horror-comedy RPG about the ceaseless need of all people born between 1982 and 2004 to destroy all that we hold dear. (Single link Google Docs RPG)

Ricardo Ferro 3D printed his own version of a Google Glass headset. The headset uses a Raspberry Pi Zero Prism and features a camera, WiFi/Bluetooth connectivity, and video output (via a Kopin 922K display module).

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