Monday, August 14, 2017

Merchandise: Nixie Machine II

Berlin industrial designer Frank Buchwald and Nixie tube specialist Dalibor Farny joined forces for the 5th anniversary of MB&F‘s M.A.D. Gallery to create the Nixie Machine II, a beautiful second edition of a mechanical Nixie tube clock created by Frank. The steel and brass clock can be turn on manually via WiFi.
"To celebrate its 5th anniversary, the M.A.D.Gallery introduces the Nixie Machine II by @frankbuchwald : a jaw-dropping, sculptural clock featuring beautifully glowing Nixie tubes produced by Dalibor Farny. Limited to 12 pieces, available exclusively from the M.A.D.Galleries in Geneva, Dubai, and Taipei.

The new Nixie Machine II has been produced using six Nixie tubes by Dalibor Farny. Tubes as well as every detail of the machine have been manually handcrafted."

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