Friday, August 11, 2017

Sci-Fi Round-Up: August 11, 2017

"K2SO" by Indonesia-based Rahedie Yudha Pradito


Digital Immortality, The Future of Memory, and Sci-Fi Utopias With Dr. Phil Frana
Idris Elba And Matthew McConaughey Discuss The Dark Tower


Are The Porgs In Star Wars: The Last Jedi The Next Ewoks 
Ava Duvernay To Adapt Octavia Butler's Novel "Dawn" Into Television Series
Biohackers Encoded Malware Into A Strand Of Dna
Blade Runner 2049 Officially Given An R-Rating
'Damned Close' Asteroid Will Miss Earth This Time, Say Astronomers
Deadpool Director Tim Miller To Helm Neuromancer Movie
Expect The Unexpected From Fxx's Animated 'Deadpool'
Get Ready For The Comic Crossover You Never Knew You Needed ...
Hellboy Reboot Release Date, Cast, Poster, And More News
How Gene Editing And Pig Organs Can End The Human Transplant ...
It's No Joke. NASA Needs Someone To Stop Us Polluting Outer Space
Justice League: Come Get An Awesome First Look At Batman's ...
Jennifer Lawrence Finally Weighs In On The Passengers Backlash
John Boyega And Rian Johnson Talk About The Resistance
Josh Brolin Turned Down Avatar Sequels And James Cameron Was Pissed
Karl Urban Is Happy With Star Trek Beyond Being His Last Trek Movie
Laura Dern's Star Wars: The Last Jedi Character Might Be Trouble For ...
Leia Will Be Like A "Surrogate" Mother To Poe In Star Wars
Miraculously, 'Blade Runner 2049' Gets An R Rating
Mystery Tardis Could Return Soon
New George Rr Martin Series Nightflyers Will Be Filmed In Limerick
New Details On Benicio Del Toro's The Last Jedi Character
Nick Jonas Joins Daisy Ridley And Tom Holland On Their YA Sci-Fi...
Nick Jonas Joins Science Fiction film Chaos Walking
Schwarzenegger Confirms Return To Terminator Franchise With James Cameron
Sci-Fi comedy's Exec Producer Bombarded With Death Threats: Suit
Scientists find Two Potentially Habitable 'Super-Earths'
Seth Macfarlane's New Sci-Fi series Is Too Close To 'Star Trek' For Comfort
Shazam Director Revives Old-School Horror With Annabelle: Creation
Star Wars: Did John Boyega Just Confirm A Skywalker Family ...
Star Wars news: The Cast Of The Last Jedi Hints At What To Expect ...
Star Wars set Decorator Who 'Cobbled Together' Props Reflects On Film ...
Stephen Lang Will Be The Villain In All Of The Upcoming 'Avatar' Films
This Is Not Your Father's Skywalker: Can Rey Save Luke From His ...


Attack Of The Cyber Octopuses - Movie Review By Neon Dystopia
The Dark Tower: What Worked and What Didn’t
While the adaptation of Stephen King’s beloved series isn’t as terrible as prerelease reports indicated, it fails to stand on its own or satisfyingly honor its source material


5 YA Stories To Bring To Film Before Lionsgate Revives Hunger Games ...
6 Books On Science mark Zuckerberg Thinks Everyone Should Read
An Amazing Cyberpunky Wireframe Map Tool
Arab sci-fi novel 'Frankenstein in Baghdad' embodies all that's evil in modern-day Iraq
As Israel Faces Growing Threat From Enemy Drones,Science Fiction...
Can The Dark Tower Franchise Be Saved?
Cinema And The Spectacle Of Nuclear War
Crazy Rumours About The Cast Of Sony's Venom Movie
Dallas Ranked One Of The Most High-Tech Cities In The World
Dark Tower Easter Eggs: Stephen King Movie References You Missed
Forget China. Here's Why The Next Manufacturing Boom Could Come from Space
Fx's Deadpool Animated Series To Be 'Really Different' From The Movies
Grand Moff Tarkin Toy Looks Better Than The Rogue One Version
Halle Berry Reveals Secret Storm And Wolverine Romance In X-Men ...
How Charlize Theron Became The Next Great Action Star
Is Seth Macfarlane's Orville Series Treading On Thin Ice?
Is Refusing To Train Algorithms For War Conscientious Objection?
James Marsters Explains Why 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' Is This ...
Noomi Rapace Takes On Multifaceted Roles
Oceanside Film Festival To Honor 'Star Wars' Set Designer
Oscar Isaac Describes Poe And Leia's Bond In The Last Jedi
Plant Robot Cyborgs Can Teach Stem Concepts
Poe Dameron Is A Key Component In The Future Of Leia's ...
The Problem with THE DARK TOWER’s Anti-Escapist Storytelling
Ready Player One Finds The Bleak Limits Of Nostalgia
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story's K-2So Gets A Premium Format ...
Ron Howard Reveals The Smoking Remains Of A Speeder
Ron Howard Teases Speeder Wreck For Han Solo 'Star Wars' Spin-Off
Science” No Longer Justfiction” At Comic-Con
Seth Macfarlane Debuts New Sci-Fi parody Show
Seth MacFarlane: ‘The Orville’ Occupies Sci-Fi Space ‘Star Trek’ Left Behind En Route To Dystopia
Star Trek just got real with tricorders in space Tricorder
Star Trek Vets Share Their Thoughts And Advice For Star Trek: Discovery
Star Wars 8 Director On If The Last Jedi Is Suitable For Young Kids
Star Wars 8 Merchandise Tie-In Reveals New BB8-Like Droid
Star Wars: New Details Surface For Del Toro's Last Jedi Character
Star Wars: The Last Jedi “ Dj's A Slicer And Benicio Del Toro's ...
Star Wars: The Last Jedi “ Leia Organa Is Defined By Loss, But ...
Star Wars: The Last Jedi's Lovable Porgs Are Fans' Newest Sensation
Stephen King has spent half a century scaring us, but his legacy is so much more than horror
Stephen King Knows He’s Having a Moment
Tv Guy: Jim Parsons Narrates 'First In Human'
Taking A Page From Sci-Fi Genius Octavia Butler On Self-Motivation ...
Telstra's Big Bets For The Network Of 2020
The 15 Worst movies ever Made
The 6 Anime On Netflix You Need To Know About
The 8 Big Unknowns With Disney's Streaming Service Plans
The Cricket: Considering The Movies' Nuclear Options, From 'Godzilla ...
The Last Jedi: In Poe Dameron, Leia Sees A Surrogate Son
The New Neuromancer movie was In Development For 10 Years ...
This Day In Twilight Zone History: Wishing Happy Birthday To ...
Unlocking The Vault: If Liam Neeson Is In It, I Will Find It And I Will ...
Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets In A Galaxy Far, Far ...
Water An Unexpected Surprise In Making Movie Titled Aquaman
We Are Not Alone: The Sci-Fi Writers Are Coming
West World Season 2 Just Added A Vikings Star And More
What Leia And Poe's Relationship Is Like In Star Wars: The Last Jedi
‘Westworld’ Showrunners on How Their Show is ‘Inspired by Art’
What The Praetorian Guards Tell Us About Snoke In The Last Jedi
Why Disney Is Trying To Become Netflix (And Vice Versa)
Why John Boyega Took Acting Jobs In Between Star Wars movies
Why Steven Soderbergh's 'Solaris' Sets The Standard For Movie ...
Why 'Wolfenstein II' Should Embrace Reality, Not Escapism


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