Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Sci-Fi Round-Up: August 2, 2017

"Doctor Who Poster" by Tom Ryan
Prints available for purchase from Etsy. US$30


Interview with J.M. Lee, author of “Song of the Dark Crystal”
Interview With Linnea Hartsuyker, Author Of The Half-Drowned King
John Boyega On Finn Going Undercover In The Last Jedi
Robin Hobb: ‘Fantasy has become something you don’t have to be embarrassed about’
The Dark Tower Stars, Director on How ‘Pared-Down’ Film Compares With Novels


AMC is developing a sci-fi show from the writers behind Arrival
Billie Lourd Remembers How Carrie Fisher Encouraged Her
Charlie Cox Reveals The Timeline For 'The Defenders'
Deadpool 2: Get Your First Look At Zazie Beetz As Domino!
Is A New 'Star Trek' Tv Spin-Off About Villain Khan In The Works?
Kurt Vonnegut’s dystopian future has come to pass
'Last Jedi' Sends Carrie Fisher Off 'In An Amazing Way,' John Boyega ...
Legostar Wars: The Freemaker Adventures 'The Embersteel Blade ...
Leaked Star Wars 8 Toys Are Going For Big Bucks On Ebay
Lovecraftian horror creeps into AMC's The Ballad of Black Tom
Mark Hamill, JJ Abrams Join Hilarious 'Nightcap' Season Finale
Official Star Trek Convention Returns To The Rio
Rooster Teeth Begins Production On Horror-Comedy Blood Fest
Sas Unveil Bulletproof Star Wars-Style Helmet With Heat-Seeking ...
Sci-Fi, Fantasy, And Horror Fuel Amc's New Development Slate
Star Trek: Discovery Showrunners Won't Go "Crazy" With Mature ...
Star Wars: Episode IX Gets A New Writer
The 'Creepy Facebook Ai' Story That Captivated The Media
The Expanse: David Strathairn Cast In Key Role In Syfy Space Drama Series
The Future Of Imax: Can Vr Can Save The Premium Cinema ...
Transhumanist Superhumans May Lead Us Into a Dystopian Future
Twilight’s Stephanie Meyer signs on for The Rook with Lionsgate and Starz
Universal Orlando Permits May Be For Harry Potter Ride Replacement
Venezuela's Cash Is Now Worth Less Than Currency In 'World Of Warcraft'
Westworld Season 2 gets a Premiere Date
Why 'Edge Of Tomorrow' Got Retitled 'Live Die Repeat'
Wild Rumors About A Secretive New Star Trek Project
Wolfenstein: The New Order's Success Allowed Nazis To Invade ...


The best recent science fiction, fantasy and horror novels – reviews roundup
The Punch Escrow Is Being Made Into A Sci-Fi Film
Trippy 'Punch Escrow' Will Teleport You To Another World


14 Recent Scifi Films That Didn't Need Big Budgets To Be Amazing
14 Science Fiction, Fantasy, And Horror Books To Read This August
18 Things You Never Knew About 'Signs'
24 Netflix Tips, Tricks And Features
A Future Of Genetically Engineered Children Is Closer Than You'd Think
A History of Science Fiction’s Future Visions
A-List: Cedar Rapids Sci-Fi play Is Reborn On Film
Akira Score Is Getting A Gorgeous, Blood-Spattered Vinyl Release
Amc Development Slate Loaded With New Horror And Sci-Fi Shows
Ant-Man & The Wasp Is Now In Production
Are the Valérian and Laureline Comics Really a Big, Unnamed Influence on Star Wars?
Before "Valerian:" The Worst Big-Budget movie Box-Office Flops
Better Business Through Sci-Fi
Billie Lourd Gets Candid About Continuing Carrie Fisher & Debbie ...
Billie Lourd Recalls Final Time She Saw Carrie Fisher
Catch Up On What Pop Minded By Hallmark Had On Display At Sdcc
Cleverman How A Landmark Series Became The Benchmark
Cyberpunk City World Map By Klaus Pillon
The Dark Tower: Clashing Visions, Brutal Test Screenings Plagued Journey to Big Screen
Doctor Who Season 11 Probably Won't Arrive Until Late 2018
Facebook Didn't Kill Its Language-Building Ai Because It Was Too ...
Five Science Fictionbooks Releasing In August 2017
French Comics Behind Luc Besson's Valerian And The City Of A ...
Get A Closer Look At The Star Wars and Marvel Hascon Exclusives
Grime, Cables and Coffee Cups - Why Alien: Isolation's Science Fiction Feels Real
How Gone Home's Creators Rewound Time To Find Their Sci-Fi future
How To Build An Ancient Robot Overlord
Man Gives Up Asimil8 Licence Plate, Compares Government To Star ...
My Inspiration To Go To A Comic-Con
Neill Blomkamp Will Return To Cinema To Direct The Sci-Fi Thriller ...
Netflix Imagines Overpopulation Nightmare That Probably Won't ...
No, 'Wonder Woman' Shouldn't Be Nominated For Best Picture
Robot Chicken Co-Creator Reveals How Disney Has Impacted Star Wars
Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature's Top 10 Sidekicks
Some Big Titles Make It To The Fangrrls Comics Pull List For August
Star Wars: Billie Lourd Shares Words Of Encouragement From ...
Star Wars hoax Make Four Scientific Journals Look Like A Joke
Star Wars: The Last Jedi: John Boyega On How The Film Sends Off ...
Star Wars: The Last Jedi To Have A Deeper Storyline
Stranger Things' Paul Reiser Ponders Who Would Win In A Fight ...
Thank You Peter Capaldi: The Best Of The Twelfth Doctor
That Time Facebook's Ais Made Up Their Own Secret Language ...
The Hardest Thing About Stranger Things 2 Was Landing The Rights To Thriller
The psychology of Wonder Woman, Supernatural, and fandom
The Surprising Truths And Myths About Microchip Implants
'Valerian' Would Make a Great Silent Movie
We're Obsessed With Dystopian Media, And Maybe That's A Good Thing
What Is Steampunk And Why Was Park Dad Dressed As A 'Plague ...
What's New In The World Of Robot Sex?
Why Chinese Sci-Fi Fans Are into Homegrown Heroes
Why Dystopian Movies Look So Much Like Our World
Why Asteroids Loom As A Future Space Frontier For Mining
Why Dystopian Movies Look So Much Like Our World
Why Edge Of Tomorrow Got Retitled Live Die Repeat
Why Valerian Director Luc Besson Doesn't Really Love Superheroes
William Gibson Has A Theory About Our Cultural Obsession With Dystopias
Winter Is Coming To The Westend This September With Graeme Of ...



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