Monday, August 14, 2017

Link Round-Up: August 14, 2017

"Inconceivable Tales" by Stephen Andrade
Part of the "30 Years Later (1987)" Show at Gallery 1988.

ASMR, The Internet Subculture Of “Sounds That Feel Good,” Is Going Mainstream

Blackfish is a YouTube content creator that loves to make stuff. Their most popular videos are of their weapons that they make from cardboard. Blackfish makes them all fully functional, so they all reload and fire like their real counterparts. On Thursday, Blackfish released a video of their newest template: a mini sniper rifle.

Continuous belt printers are pretty big news. Hironori Kondo took the time to break down the pros and cons in simple language. It turns out there’s more to it than simply having a bed that goes forever.

Custom motorcycle designer Uwe Ehinger is known to many as “The Archeologist” due to his ability to find rare parts from all over the world in a quest rebuild vintage Harley Davidson motorcycles in his Hamburg, Germany shop. It was with his insatiable parts-seeking mission in mind that Ehinger came up with the idea of “infusing the spirit of Harley Davidson” into a proprietary eponymous dry gin that would share the same bottle as food safe motorcycle parts. The Archaeologist Gin comes in one of three varietals – the 1939 Flathead, the 1947 Knucklehead and the 1962 Panhead. This is a limited run series to which every presentation detail is closely attended.

Every Movie Poster Saul Bass Ever Designed

Oscar Isaac Reads Richard Feynman's Letter To His Late Wife

New 50ft statue "Dignity" in South Dakota: The stainless steel statue, by South Dakota artist laureate Dale Lamphere, depicts an Indigenous woman in Plains-style dress receiving a star quilt. The sculpture honors the culture of the Lakota and Dakota peoples who are indigenous to South Dakota.  The statue boldly proclaims that South Dakota's Native cultures are alive, standing with dignity. Source: Wikipedia

A Postmodern Look at Pokémon

Scientist and filmmaker Tyler Hulett created “Oregon Trails, a beautiful stacked timelapse video of the stars blazing a continuous path through the nighttime sky over Mount Hood, the highest mountain in Oregon. This video, like his others, is part of his ongoing Discover Oregon video series.

Video game historian Steve Lin gives Cloth Mapper and human meme Drew Scanlon a 360 degree tour(youtube) of California Extreme.

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