Friday, August 4, 2017

Link Round-Up: August 4, 2017

Based on Edmund Leighton’s painting "Godspeed" (1900).

Can You Make a Waterjet Cutter for a Few Hundred Bucks?

A Dinosaur So Well Preserved It Looks Like a Statue: Borealopelta, discovered accidentally by Canadian miners, is one of the most spectacular fossil finds of all time. 

Derrick Lin creates vignettes of the daily grind using miniatures and office supplies, then photographs them with his iPhone.

For his latest project in Tested's One Day Builds series, creator and prop master Adam Savage made King Arthur's legendary sword from Excalibur using what he learned from master swordsmith Peter Lyon of Weta Workshop.

"Hope" by Grant Snider is the latest installment in the Incidental Comics series.

The New York Public Library is making hundreds of movies in the Criterion Collection free to stream online if you have a library card.

Possible New Banksy Graffiti Surfaces On Israel's Westbank Barrier

Possible Banksy Murals Of Donald Trump Appear On Israel's Westbank

Taking a photo of a lightning strike is difficult, as is creating a gigapixel image. Doing both together is pretty much impossible - you need multiple exposures stitched together for the gigapixel image. Dan Piech's blog covers in exhaustive detail how he created a photographic artwork of a lightning strike with a resolution of 5,449 megapixels.

This secret drink flask is shaped like a Legend of Zelda NES game cartridge.

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