Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Video Round-Up: December 22, 2015

In this new sketch from Canadian film production studio, Fourgrounds Media, an office holiday party planning committee struggles to plan this year's Christmas party without offending anyone in today's often oversensitive society.

Adam Ruins Everything: Why Funerals Are a Total Ripoff - In this new clip from comedian Adam Conover's truTV show, Adam Ruins Everything, Adam explains how funeral industry is exploiting people's grief for major profits.

Cat Teaches Stuffed Tiger a Lesson - An unhappy cat angrily paw slaps the devil about of stuffed tiger toy that he's convinced is alive and intruding his home.

a href="https://youtu.be/luiUGZTMFlU" target="_blank">Christmas at Disneyland Hyperlapse
- Oliver Ayala from Dapper Geek News uses the hyperlapse photography method to showcase the magic and wonder of Christmastime at Disneyland.

Cockapoo Puppy Goes Berserk in Her New Kiddie Pool - This fluffy, rambunctious cockapoo puppy has fun going berserk in her new kiddie pool before it's even filled with water.

Cute Dog is a Horrible Howler - Kano, the pit bull, isn't the greatest at howling, but that doesn't stop her from trying her best.

An Honest Performance of Baby it's Cold Outside - In a really candid skit for Funny or Die, performers Casey Wilson and Scott Aukerman act out the disquietingly predatory lyrics to the classic Christmas song “Baby It’s Cold Outside.“ The song, written in 1944, is performed a duet in which a man persistently persuades a woman to stay, despite her concerns about the weather, familial obligations, her reputation and her own desire to leave.

How December 22 is the Longest Day of the Year - MinutePhysics explains how the Earth’s tilt and rotation make December 22 the longest day of the year. Despite the winter months having fewer hours of daylight, they are actually the longest days of the year because the elliptical orbit of the Earth around the Sun means a full rotation takes  varying lengths of time throughout the year.

Jukin Video’s Top 100 Viral Videos of 2015 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 - Jukin Video presents their annual year-end roundup of the top 100 most watched viral videos of the year, which includes plenty of fails, cute pets and kids, amazing stunts, and, of course, NYC's famous pizza-loving rodent. Collectively, these videos have been viewed over, a staggering, 82 million times.

Loki the Red Fox Attack Pounces a Box - While roughhousing with his caretaker, Loki, the pet red fox, playfully pounce attacks a cardboard box

Massachusetts Mailman Gets Attacked by Turkeys Every Day - While delivering mail on his route in Falmouth, Massachusetts, this poor mailman has no choice but to carry a pole with him every day to keep from being assaulted by a gang of aggressive, wild turkeys. Apparently, the turkeys only mess with this particular mailman, and some theories suggest it's because they were fed by the mailman who had this route before him.

Pelican Whisperer Teaches Pelicans to Do Tricks on Puerto Rican Beach - Nestor Bonilla filmed this Pelican Whisperer teaching a group of friendly pelicans to perform various tricks for treats at Crashboat Beach in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico.

Vintage Movie Dance Scenes Mashed Up with ‘Uptown Funk’ - Video editor Nerd Fest UK brilliantly synced 66 dance scenes from classic films from the Golden Age of Hollywood with Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars' hit, "Uptown Funk."

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